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2. This program is only for generation III portuguese equipment.

3. It can only work with the USB-Key from Gz MarryBeauty Ltd.

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What is difference between new Generation III and Generation II Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer?

There are 2 versions of hot sale QMRA in the market, Generation III and II. What is new? Which one is better? Can I just upgrade the program from G II to G III?  Many people asked me such kind of problems. Well, today let us take a comparison here:

1. More stable and accurate system. The G III’s software is different with the GII. Also, a new dicaryon chip has added in inside of the machine to fit the new program working. So, it is impossible to run the new program on the old machine.

2. New useful Function. The Generation II do not have the comparative analysis function but Generation III do:


This function was added to Generation III according to the feedback from people use the old quantum analyzer. It is a very useful idea and save us lots of time when we need research someone’s record.

3. Nice interface.

g3c quantum 34 reports1


The new program show the level of the result in different colors to help user easier to get the date.





How to fix the “can not find your Encryption Lock, please insert into” problem?

Sometimes people face this problem when they run the quantum magnetic resonance analyzer on Windows 7 system. How to fix it? Please try the following steps:

1. Make sure the usb-key has been pluged into your computer and recongnized.

2. Right-click the program and choose the “run as the adminstrator” when you install or open the quantum analyzer software.
how to fix the
3. Some of the anti-virus software considerate the program is kind of virus. In this case, please exit the anti-virus and re-install the quantum program. Then, open the anti-virus again and add the program into your anit-virus’s trust list.

4. If you try all the steps above but they all failed, please leave us a email or message here. Our technicist will try to help you out.



New English 36 Reports Version 3.3.2 Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer Software for upgrade Download


1. The download system is free and only work for member. If you are new here, please get a free Registration here.

2. This program is only for generation II English equipment.

3. It can only work with the white USB-Key.

New English 36 Reports Version 3.3.2 Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer Software for upgrade Download (862)
quantum analyzer

What is Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer?


Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (QMRA) is based on the human cell quantum medicine theory, acupuncture points of the human body organs in the body emitter region and the wrist pulse signal and blood signali is converted into the the corresponding bioelectrical date, and this data with the computer in a massive database normal contrast measured by the body, and thus determine normal or not. The detection process is not sampling, non-invasive, easy to learn, accurate and reliable detection. The detection system can be measured by files and testing data is automatically saved to the computer.
quantum resonance magnetic analyzer software

The human body is a large collection of cells, cells in continuous growth, development, differentiation, regeneration, apoptosis, cells through its divisions and constantly updated. Adults approximately 25 million cells per second in the Division, blood cells within the human body to the growing rate of approximately 100 million updates per minute, in the process of cell division, growth, forms the basic unit cell of the atomic nucleus and the electron distribution outside of those charged also on the trot to fast-moving and changing, constantly emit electromagnetic wave out. Electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body signals representative of the specific State of the human body, human health, sub-health, illness in different States, which transmit electromagnetic signals are different, if these specific electromagnetic signals can be determined, determination of human life.
quantum resonance magnetic analyzer theory
QRMA is the new equipment to resolving such phenomena. By holding the sensor to collect the bodies of weak magnetic field frequencies and energies, after instrument amplification, computer processing and equipment sets the standard quantum resonance spectrum of diseases, nutrition indicators compare Fu Liye cluttering of the waveform analysis of samples. Based on waveform analysis results, measurement of health status and key issues to be judge, and make recommendations for specification control.


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